*New* Bak Kwa Pau

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Tasty morsels of traditional sliced BBQ pork wrapped in our signature fragrant buns. Our hand-made Bak Kwa filling is marinated using a unique mix of Chinese herbs and char-grilled for a subtle smoky flavour. Perfect for any occasion, anytime, anywhere!

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Pack of 4

Key ingredients: Barbecue Pork, wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil (palm), potato starch, shallot, white sesame seed, soy sauce (soybean, wheat flour, salt, sugar, caramel), corn flour, fish sauce, fish gelatine (fish skin), salt, pepper, baking powder (E500, E541, E341), yeast, bamboo powder, edible gold lustre dust.

Instructions: Steam for 8 minutes or till hot.

Sealed for maximum freshness. Keep chilled for up to 4 weeks or frozen for up to 2 months. See packaging for expiration date. Once opened, consume within 2 days.


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